How to Apply for Canada Child Benefits

Canada Child Benefits are very helpful for families even if you are Temporary Residents then also you may eligible for that

Just follow these few steps

  • Login in to CRA account
  • Click in applying for Child benefits
  • Click next
  • Then it will show your address on file if that is your current address then click on yes otherwise no
  • Then it will show your spouse’s name then click yes
  • Click next
  • Then answer next  question about your immigration status, and then answer with your baby’s first and last name
  • Then confirm all details and fill in personal information if required
  • Then you will see a confirmation window and it will ask you to complete the application with an additional information form you will get 45 days time limit to complete it
  • One of them is RC66SCH E(19)  FORM and etc.
  • Then fill it and send in documents in CRA account or you can use mailing services

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