How visitors can extend visitor visas in CANADA

If you have a valid visitor visa then you are allowed to stay 6 months in Canada then you need to leave the country once but this post will  help you to extend your stay in Canada and you can save your traveling costs

This post is for those who already have visitor visas but need to extend their stay. If you are applying for visitor visa then click here.

What you need when you apply to extend your stay.

First, you need an IRCC GC KEY account to register to click here. If you already have one click here to sign in.

Then you need to click sign in with the GC key

accept terms and conditions and answer security questions if asked in the section

2. Start an application 

Choose to → Apply to come to Canada → Then following window will pop up

  • Then choose answers for all questions according to you please check our posted pictures for reference 
  • Visitor visa, study, and/or work permit
  • Then choose the following answers according to you

→ Next → Next → Next → Next → Next → Next → Next

then click on continue → → then again continue

  • this this will be 6 months after your last entry in Canada
  • for example if you entered 1 jan 2021 then you will fill the date of  1 July 2021
  • its not of expiry of your visa its expiry of entry
  • so here is
  • very important question now
  • choose yes if you are applying for your parents or spouse or child

→ Next → Next → Next → Next → Next → Next → Next

Next will be the medical examination question

choose yes or no

If you choose no then you may have to get ready for a medical examination.

→ Next → Next → Next → Next → Next → Next → Next

In the past 10 years, has your family member given their fingerprints and photo (biometrics) for an application to come to Canada?

Next, choose yes if you wanna add more family members.

then you can review and edit questions if you need to do

  • then click on continue
  • then again click on continue
  • then you will need to fill application form for both applicants
  • and need to upload following documents you can see on the screen
  • click here to access application form
  • if you are not able to open and following error message is on the screen

and when you have uploaded documents there will be an option for fees payment and submission.

please note (if you need time to upload or complete a few documents please press the save/exit button

  1. it will save your application and you can leave the screen if you want
  2. all you need to do is
  3. login back into GC key account
  4. and it will be showing your application just press  continue)
  5. You will get your confirmation in your email that you have submitted an application

Processing time can be up to 90 days or longer due to covid-19 and high applications volume.

Once you have submitted you have completed your responsibility

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